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The ARTS can help build students' SEL!

This 12-page resource hits on the important parts EVERY educator should know when it comes to integrating the arts with SEL through SEAL.

Get activity ideas, tips for advocacy and actions steps to start integrating the ARTs with SEL!

With this resource, you'll:

  • Go from unsure to confident in the creative work you want to do with your students even when a colleague gives you that look of uncertainty.
  • Create opportunities for SEAL in your classroom that allow your students to experience and reflect on their learning so that they understand the benefits of the arts in their learning. (Yes, there are SEAL activity ideas included!)
  • Find the right words to support the learning that your students are doing in the classroom even when an administrator questions your lesson. (No one can argue with the benefits of SEL!)
  • Start building an arsenal of stories that showcase the best social-emotional learning that your students can accomplish through the arts.
  • Discover sure-fire ways to take action and be proactive with your message so that others can see and feel the benefits of integrating the arts with SEL.


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